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The Tools of the Trade is a robust, full trading curriculum designed to develop self sufficient traders 

Features & Benefits

Learning At Your Fingertips

At Tools of the Trade, we offer individual courses that you can take on your own time to see the power of trading and how you can benefit from a structured educational curriculum


Individual Courses

Here at Tools of the Trade, we offer several courses that you can take at your own pace to learn first hand about the power of trading and how you can use it to your benefit.
Take control

Access Anytime

With our modern and fluent learning software it is easier than ever to access your course content


Fun & Easy to Learn

With detailed videos and engaging learning assessments, its fun and easy to learn new trading concepts

Made by Professionals

All courses have been carefully crafted based on our experience and knowledge in the industry

Features & Benefits

Our Courses

We have a full educational designed to help educate and empower people who aspire to become self sufficient traders.

Course 1

Laying the Foundation

Learn the basics behind technical analysis and trading – starting with supply & demand, identifying the trend, market structure analysis to time frame analysis and most importantly, risk management 

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Course 2

Building Your Toolbox

Learn how to build up your trading arsenal starting with choosing your trading style, defining your setup to fundamental price action concepts, trading tools and financial instruments.

Course 3

Sharpening Your Edge

Learn how to get started with derivatives, understanding leverage, applying the basics, crafting your system, and finally unlocking your potential

Course 4

Liquidity Theory

Learn how to identify liquidity, determine control, implement indicators, utilize sentiment, and learn actionable ichimoku trading strategies.

Full Curriculum Package

Course 1-4

This unique Tools of the Trade package gives you access to Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, and Course 4. This is the ultimate curriculum for becoming a seasoned trader.

BTC Market Profile Course

Bitcoin Market Profile

Identify ranging and trending markets. Devise your own setups. Understand trade locations. Adapt to changing market environments. The power of Market Profile.


What our Students Say?

"Zoran and Tripp have created something incredibly special in "Tools of the Trade". The content is meticulously crafted and presented in an absorbing modular framework that is both informative and enjovable. Tools of the Trade delivers a unique and comprehensive trading system which has given me confidence in my trades and an exceptional toolset to craft my own personal trading strategy.
Tippy Flits
"As a beginner, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to follow the material or really gain anything due to huge gaps in my knowledge. My concerns were quickly met with thorough videos that covered the very basics followed by in-depth advanced topics that show a side of trading I didn't know existed. The course has more than paid for itself already (currently on a 7-day win streak), I am genuinely impressed! Highly recommend this course."
"Crypto Insiders course is suited to both experienced and totally new traders. For new traders, the course will take you through all the fundamentals and explain trading from first principle thinking. For more experienced traders, there is great alpha anc insight from two fantastic, proven traders. Would highly recommend for anyone wants to seriouslv improve their trading.
"For anyone wanting to learn how to trade or gaining a trading edge, TotT is a fantastic course that will give you a framework and thought process. No signals, no magic results, just trading at its best. From simple TA to risk management and trading strategies, the content is something to watch multiple times as you go through the journey of learning how to trade like a pro. In addition to this, having access to Tripp and Zoran through Crypto Insiders is a great way to clear any doubts and sharpen the learnings from the course!

Tools of the Trade

“The Crypto Insiders community on Telegram opened our eyes for the need to fill the void of education in the trading space.”

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