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Zoran is a discretionary swing trader who took matters into his own hands after the collapse of Mt. Gox. A victim of the previous cycle top who decided to treat trading like a video game and master the markets. He is primarily a trend trader with an affinity for implementing Ichimoku into his trading system. Since developing Liquidity Theory, he has found another edge in ranging market conditions. When he’s not busy trading, he enjoys interacting with the Crypto Insiders community and sharing his knowledge with anyone who has an innate curiousity to learn and improve.
Tripp is a former finance professional who transitioned to the cryptocurrency markets in early ’17. His unique background in the equity markets as an energy sector analyst lends itself to his trading system. By combining macro, fundamental, and technical analysis he is able to carve out a relative edge on almost any timeframe. His primary technical approach is simple with a focus on range bound markets and the basics of support and resistance. Tripp met Zoran in Crypto Insiders and later helped him develop Liquidity Theory as they both observed the importance of sentiment-based analysis. When he is away from his screens you can find him behind a lens, on a surfboard, or chasing various species of fish offshore.


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